Our high quality standard is maintained by raising cattle with great genetics and providing a 100% forage diet with a strong mineral program. In addition, a soil health study at the farm was conducted by Michigan State University to support our bale grazing methods. We are certified by the Beef Quality Assurance program and follow their cattle handling protocols.

Our Herd

In 2016, we began raising stocker (yearling) cattle for a grass-fed beef operation in lower Michigan. This quickly expanded to custom raising the cows and calves to buying the herd. We are continuously working to improve our herd genetics to predominantly red or black angus with strong grass efficiency ratings. Our target cow size is 1100-1200 lbs.. In the summer the cows and yearlings rotate to fresh paddocks every 1-3 days. Calving occurs on pasture in August and September. Then we over winter the cows and calves in their paddocks by bale grazing. We continue to sell our stockers and are finishing grass-fed beef for local markets and our family.
Having the right cattle that flourish in our northern environment is very important to us. We currently have a mixed herd of Red Angus, Black Angus and Hereford/Angus cross. Our cattle genetics can be traced to western genetics from Pharo Cattle Company and Diamond D Angus. Our goal is to raise moderate framed cows who have longevity and require minimal inputs. The cattle are a great way to improve our soils and pastures. Better soils and pastures produce a higher quality beef. Our herd is hormone free and we use minimal vaccinations and antibiotics; however, sick or injured animals are treated according to their needs and veterinarian protocols. Herd health and safety is very important to us. Grass, clean water, and Redmond minerals are the foundation of our herd.